Our Mission:

Deliver excellent and effective behavioral health services that engage individuals with complex needs in recovering their health, hopes, and dreams.

Learn more about our mission statement from Telecare's President and CEO, Anne Bakar on our blog, where she introduces our new mission statement and dives deeper into what it means to provide excellent and effective behavioral health services, support people with complex needs, broaden to a wider behavioral health focus, and help people achieve their health, hopes, and dreams.

Our Values:



We balance the important need for client safety with the vital need for clients to be personally empowered in their lives and recovery process. 

On an organizational level, we also strive to
balance a need for long-term stability with the vibrant goal of innovating and developing new approaches for the future.



Our key focus is our clients' growth and recovery, and creating an environment where people can work toward their hopes, dreams, and full potential.

On an organizational level, we also focus on growing in our clinical outlook and practices, and expanding our services to more people and communities.



Our clients' successful recovery depends on our ability to engage and collaborate with all stakeholders involved.

On an organizational level, our clients' success also depends on the engagement of our staff and their diverse skills, perspectives, and talents. We create a high-involvement culture and share ownership of the organization through Telecare's ESOP program.