50+ Years of Services to People with Serious Mental Illness

In 2015, Telecare celebrated 50 years of services and supports to people with serious mental illness and complex needs. We have grown and evolved over the years, but our purpose has always remained the same: to help people with serious mental illness realize their full potential, and reclaim their health, hopes, and dreams. See our journey through the last 10 years below, or click here for more on how Telecare got its start and how we have evolved.


FY18-19 was a year of partnership, new product models, improved technology, and staying true to the vision and values that are at the core of our company and the work that we do. Last year, we opened 12 new programs, including expansions of existing programs, and added 1,500 new staff to the Telecare family. We partnered with customers and communities to provide a brand-new model of care for clients with co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental illness, and we stepped in to absorb three new programs in from a provider who was not able to continue services. We also made great progress in our community-based programs by implementing Avatar electronic record in 47 programs and improved our staff engagement efforts. Together, we served more than 31,000 people in 35 counties across six states. We are excited to share our progress in our FY18-19 video and annual report, coming soon.


FY17-18 was a year that faced challenges across our country, but despite the roadblocks there was a groundswell of hope and promise when it comes to serving people with urgent issues and complex needs. Last year, we partnered with two new customers, added ten new programs and hired more than 1,000 people. We partnered with customers and communities to implement proven models of service, and tailored these approaches for the specific needs of each community. Together, we served more than 28,000 people in 35 counties across seven states. We also made great progress in building capacity for the future — in everything from workforce and psychiatry, to our facilities, technology, and more. Over the last year, we have been emboldened to build these long-term, organization-wide capacities in service of our core purpose and mission. We are excited to share our progress in our FY17-18 annual report.

FY 16-17

FY16-17 was a year of vision, improvement, and growth in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. We introduced a brand new mission statement. We helped our customers expand their crisis safety nets. We opened the first mental health pay for success program in the United States. And our 3,300+ staff members served more than 27,000 people in 107 programs across eight states. It was an exciting year. We are grateful to our customers, communities, and the amazing Telecare staff who do this work with passion and commitment. We look forward to the year ahead! 

FY 15-16

FY15-16 was a year of growth. We served more than 31,000 unique individuals across eight states and 90+ programs. We welcomed new members to our leadership team, introduced new technology at our programs, and created more learning opportunities for our staff and members than ever before. Additionally, we strengthened our co-occurring condition treatments as well as our justice-involved mental health interventions, embraced a new population management model, and opened the nation’s first mental health pay for success program.

FY 14-15

FY14-15 was a special year for us: Telecare celebrated its 50th anniversary of services and supports to people with serious mental illness and complex needs. We served more than 34,000 unique individuals across eight states and 90 programs. We worked with counties, hospitals, health plans, criminal justice agencies, and developmental disability systems to deliver cost-conscious, outcomes-focused, recovery-centered services to our clients, while helping our customers make an impact in their own systems of care.

FY 13-14

This past year was a busy one for all of us. We served more than 33,000 unique individuals across eight states and 85 programs. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we were able to partner with a greater diversity of customers than ever before—including health plans, hospitals, and criminal justice systems. Additionally, we introduced new technology and communication systems to ensure that we stay innovative in the way we serve clients and that we continue to strive to be an excellent partner with our customers. 

FY 12-13

Last year, Telecare served more than 29,000 unique individuals, in nearly 80 programs across eight states. In partnership with our customers, we helped people reach their dreams, improve their health, and make progress in their lives. We are proud to be delivering excellent services and supports to our clients, while also growing, learning, collaborating, adapting, and preparing for the changes and opportunities ahead.

FY 11-12

Throughout our history, Telecare has demonstrated itself as a resilient and adaptive mental health care provider. Despite a tough economy, we served more than 22,000 unique individuals, in 69 programs across seven states. This year’s achievements and collaborations included taking steps to increase our organizational effectiveness, enhance our bench strength with new leadership and technology, and expanding our services to forensic clients in California with the passing of the state’s Public Safety Realignment legislation (AB 109).

FY 10-11

FY10-11 was another inspiring year for all of us. We served more than 20,000 unique individuals, in 65 programs across seven states, and grew to more than 2600 staff members. We maintained all our existing programs, and we have done a tremendous amount of work to prepare for the new and exciting changes that are expected to come as a result of health reform legislation. 

FY 09-10

Looking back on FY09-10, we have a lot to be proud of despite a strained economic climate. We served more than 22,800 unique individuals across six states in their journeys of recovery. We stretched ourselves to address the needs of clients in new markets, new states and counties, and new medical centers, and are eager to strengthen these new relationships in the coming year.

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